The Arcanum Dice Set

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The Arcanum Set : Without Wooden Gift Box
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The Arcanum Dice were forged to spin the threads of time and magic that run through all material reality.They reveal their secrets only to those brave enough to lift the veil and gaze what lies beyond !

This beautifully unique dice set was designed with one purpose only: To look Epically Awesome and to make you feel like a badass at the same time.
A word of caution !
Once these beauties enter your dice bag there is a serious chance you will develop real arcane powers within 3-5 game nights ! Proceed at your own risk !

On a more serious note, please know that these dice are made to be esthetically unique and interesting and while they take some getting used to, after a while they become very familiar and easy to read😃
They are quite light and well balanced!

Decader or No Decader
What we call a decader is also known as a ten sided percentile die. When you chose to include a decader in your set you will get 7 dice instead of 6. Decaders are pretty cool !

I will never sacrifice quality or use inferior materials! My goal is to always exceed your expectations.
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